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Episode One Friday Oct. 31  Schlepp Comes to New Mexico
Episode Two Friday Nov. 4  Schlepp Goes to Vienna
Episode Three Sat. Nov. 12  Intrigue in Vienna and How Schlepp Saved Karl
Episode Four Sun. Nov. 20  Schlepp Continues Traveling:  Amsterdam, Paris, Praque, Brataslava., and Budapest
Episode Five Sun. Nov. 20  Schlepp meets William of Yarmouth and Willie begins his tale
Episode Six Fri. Dec. 2  William of Yarmouth leaves The George Hotel
Episode Seven Thu. Dec. 8  William of Yarmouth leaves the I.O.W. on a ferry and heads for the East Counties
Episode Eight Sat. Dec. 17  William of Yarmouth tours Sussex, including Arundel and Heaver Castles, Battle Abbey, and Gatwick Airport
Episode Nine Sat. Dec. 24  Louie's Story.  Our Christmas podCast of Louie, a refugee from New Orleans and Katrina, lost (and found) in Albuquerque.  In a year of uncommonly brutal disasters, both here in the US and throughout the world, especially south Asia, Louie's Story is dedicated with compassion to all those who are suffering.  
Episode Ten  Fri. Jan. 6  Louie's Story continues with Part 2 -- Louie, recently rescued off the streets of Albuquerque, meets Caro, gets cleaned up, and faces the entire Bears Homefront Brigade... alone.  Will he ever find Mandy again?  And how did Caro know who Mandy was and how did she know that his name was Louie?    
Episode Eleven  Thu. Feb. 2  Louie is sad because Mardi Gras is coming.  Schlepp has never been there, but he's been to the "original" Mardi Gras -- Carnivale in Venice, Italy.  Karl talks about getting to Venice and the fascinating things to do there during Carnivale.   
Episode Twelve  Wed. Mar. 1  On Ash Wednesday, the day after Mardi Gras, Louie is sad and lonely.  To cheer him up, Roberta and Newport introduce him to the rest of the Brigade, which is quite a list--and each one of them has a story.     
Episode Thirteen  Tue. Mar. 14  Roberta the Rabbit tells Louie how she came to Albuquerque across the ocean from China.  Something inside Louie remembers that he too, came across an ocean from far away.  But from where?     
Episode Fourteen  Sun. Apr. 16  Travel Schlepp and Louie sneak away from the others while everyone is napping.  They meet Terrance the Tortoise out in the garden.  Then Schlepp teaches Louie how to get a hummingbird trained to sit on your paw.  You can do it, too, if you have a hummingbird feeder and about 15 quiet minutes every evening just before sunset.  
Episode Fifteen  Mon. May 1  Herr Professor Bar (Mr. Professor Bear) has learned about Louie and, courtesy of the Methodist Church Yard Sale next door, manages to come for a visit.  Prof. Bear is a Primatologist from the University of Heidelberg, a teddy bear who studies humans and other primates, just like Arctophiles love, collect, and study teddy bears. He's particularly interested in where Louie may have come from before he reached New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward.  
Episode Sixteen  Sat. June 3  Herr Professor Bear reviews the facts about Louie and concludes that he is a Trachypithicus cristatus from near Port Klang, Malaysia--halfway around the world from New Mexico. And suddenly, Louie's past become clear with all its frightening memories.  
Episode Seventeen  Wed. June 14  Schlepp and Willie tell about their trip to Ireland, including Leprachaun lairs, Celtic circle mazes, towering sea cliffs, and ancient ruins.  
Episode Eighteen  Wed. June 25  Training hummingbirds to sit on your paw is fun. Here are more details on exactly how Schlepp does it: feeders, nectar, location, and method. Just be patient. See Episode 14 for other information.  
Episode Nineteen  Sun. July 23  This special podcast is for PC and Barb. PC is recovering from a liver transplant at the University of Washington Medical Center. The embedded album art is a photo of Barb and Caro with Schlepp, Willie, and Nani Pei on Barb's back porch.  
Episode Twenty  Sun. August 13  Newport the Lion tells Louie how he discovered how to roar. 
Episode Twentyone  Mon. September 11  Schlepp recollects being in Bonn, Germany during 9/11. 
Episode Twentytwo  Wed. November 1  Schlepp talks about his recent trip to Seattle and the World Plone Conference.  He also remenisces about a homecoming trip to Seal Rock, Oregon.
Episode Twentythree  Fri. December 30  Schlepp talks about winter in NM and his trip to Egypt where he saw the Museum of Antiquities, the Great Pyramids, and the mysterious Sphinx.
Episode Twentyfour  Wed. January 31 Schlepp talks about what he's been reading, listening to, eating, and drinking. Life in New Mexico for an Oregon teddy bear.
Episodes Twentyfive and Twentysix  Feb. 24 and Mar. 24  A composite of Episode 25 prior to Schlepp's trip to Amman with Episode 26, describing the first part of his trip to Jordan.
Episode Twentyseven  Its spring going into summer and with the change of seasons, Schlepp has been busy rescuing critters outdoors. Remember summer is for fun, but be safe -- don't swim alone and always tell someone where you are going.
Episode Twentyeight  Schlepp and PC journey out to Abo Pass, perhaps the best place in North America to watch trains--huge intermodal transcontinental freight trains are lined up waiting to go through the narrow defile and climb from the Rio Grande valley up to New Mexico's high plains before they continue eastward.  Hear the big Burlington Northern Santa Fe double stacks roar by 10 yards away. 

Episode Twentynine  Schlepp, Terrance, and Louie find Lightfeather missing.  Where is she?  Who kidnapped her?  Can they come to the rescue?  Chapter 1, part 1 of Schlepp's new novella.  

Episode Thirty Chapter 1, parts 2 and 3 of Schlepp's new novella. Louie is decontaminated by Big Brown Bear. Then they must figure out how to get across town on public transportation.  

Episode Thirtyone  Chapter 1, parts 4 and 5 of Schlepp's new novella. Louie, Terrance, and Schlepp venture cross town to CENT. But then how do they get inside a locked building with a security guard?

Episode Thirtytwo  Chapter 1 of Schlepp's new novella concludes. Louie, Terrance, and Schlepp search the building for Lightfeather. Can they find her? And whether they do or not, how do they get back out?

Episode Thirtythree  Chapter 2 of Schlepp's novella begins.  The Bears Home Front Brigade plans an ambush. 

Episode Thirtyfour  Chapter 2 of Schlepp's novella continues.  The Bears Home Front Brigade executes an ambush.  Who do they catch and, at the same time, where are Louie and Newport being taken? 

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