Travel Schlepp Dispatches

Vienna, Austria.
Its been a rainy, cold, dark trip so far, but that's what Vienna is like in November. We all went shopping today. Everyone wore heavy coats and used umbrellas. On the way back to the hotel we found a little alley with a cute shop tucked in at the back. And it was full of teddy bears!! So we had a great time. Can you even find me amoung all my new friends in Karl's picture?
Prague, Czech Republic.
Schlepp, Karl, and Debbie took the train from Vienna to Prague for the weekend. Here I am up on the ramparts of the Prague Castle, the largest castle in Europe. From this vantage I can look down across the red tile roofs of the old town to the Vltava River and its picturesque bridges.

Back in Vienna.

Schlepp, Karl, and Debbie are back in Vienna.  Here I enjoy an Austrian beer and spare ribs on the Donau Insel (Danube Island), a narrow island in the Danube River that is a park full of things to do in the Summer.  Its a great place to get some sun and get over jet-lag.  

Bears at the CMC Celebrate Lydia's Birthday.

The CMC Bears all wish Lydia (our great secretary) a very happy birthday! 

Schlepp Helps Jeri Celebrate her 84th Birthday.

Jeri Haycraft, her daughter Debbie, and son-in-law Mark joined Caro, Karl, and the Gormans from next door in celebrating her birthday.  All the bears in the Home Front Brigade turned out en masse to welcome her. 

Here Travel Schlepp gets a big hug from Jeri.